Life Lately

One of the best things about photos is they take you back to some of the most special memories. The last 6 months of my life have been chocked full of some of my most favorite memories yet! This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for all of Gods grace in my life, especially His favor in giving us Barron and good health this year (this time last year I was sitting in the ER waiting for the Dr. to tell me that my husband had just had a stroke). All is grace. Below are a few of my favorite images:

  1. Our “bear moon”. We went to Brooklyn to visit James cousin and then headed to Ireland. I was 30 weeks pregnant and feeling good.





2. The Farmers Market and The Garden Box. Half of our summer (and most of James) was spent selling veggies at the Farmers Market. Even Tilley got to make a few visits.




3. The arrival of Barron Harris Carter. “Do you remember the 21st of September?”  The BEST day of our lives. Welcome to the world little boy. You are more loved then you will ever know. (Thanks to my sis for capturing most of these pictures)



4. Experiencing all the “first” with Barron. His first Halloween was a success. A pumpkin and his farmers and their faithful sheep.





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