Cory and Beverly’s Engagement Shoot

This weekend I had the privilege of taking Beverly and Cory’s engagement photos. From the very minute I met Cory and Beverly I could tell they were the best kind of people. Genuinely kind, easy going, and 100% in love with each other. It did my heart good to be around these two for a few hours! We had wonderful light and it was joy to get to capture their natural love.bev_2654bev_2671bev_2658bev_2712bev_2667bev_2718bev_2798bev_2793bev_2785bev_2777bev_2755bev_3062bev_3073bev_2957-2bev_3010bev_2917bev_3093-2

At the end of our session they asked me to take a few pictures of the Love passage in 1 Corinthians 13. Through their entire session it was clear their marriage was based on a greater Love, and that gave me such joy! Thanks Beverly and Cory. I can’t wait for y’all to be Mr and Mrs. Brosnick.


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