The Smith Family

Have you ever been a family you really love and admire, well that’s the Smith’s for me! We first met the Smith’s through a young married small group they hosted at their home and they also go to our church! They are truly a fun and easy going family that opens up their beautiful home often for small groups, YL kids, concerts, etc. They are joyful givers of their home, time, resources, and it was an absolutely privilege to capture them in their element– at HOME! When Millie suggested an in home lifestyle session I was immediately excited! Their home is truly a warm and amazing place (just check out the photos!). It was so neat to capture the girls at their desk where they homeschool during the week, Everett riding his beloved Jeep, cooking, playing some basketball, and harvesting okra from their garden.  I adore lifestyle sessions, and this was an icing on the cake session for me! Thank you Smith’s for sharing your home and hearts with so many! You guys are the best and I’m so thankful I got to peek inside your world with my camera.















3 Comments on “The Smith Family

  1. Becca! YOU are a gift! Thank you thank you thank you for capturing these sweet daily moments. What a treasure. I can’t say thank you enough!!


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