(photos by the very talented Oliva of Nancy Ray Photography)

Hello there, my name is Becca. I‚Äôm a lover of Jesus, James, Barron boy, Tilley dog, my crazy family (that almost all live on the same street ūüėČ ) ,¬†farmland,¬†and birds! There is just something about birds that reminds me not to worry, our Maker is faithful. I believe in whimsy, and that photos can capture¬†emotions and love that words can‚Äôt quite do justice. I strive to capture images that will make you grin even if you don‚Äôt know the people in them. I¬†think the best photos come naturally and my job is complete¬†when I¬†catch the beauty of the everyday.

I believe that photography is a true art. I‚Äôm a people centered photographer, whose main goal is to create images that display what my clients feel. ¬†Whether it‚Äôs your wedding day, engagement session, or family photos, I will do my best to capture the beauty and genuine joy that your day holds. I’m honored every time I get the chance to use my passion for photography to freeze frame moments in my clients life that will be passed down for generations. Kids get older,¬†Grandparents pass away, but your¬†family photos will stay as a cherished heirlooms to¬†remind you of all the sweet¬†life seasons¬†that you have walked through with those you love most.¬†I love meeting new people and getting to tell their story through my photography!

Lets chat! E-mail me at info@beccakate.com or fill out this contact form.