Hi, and thanks for checking out Becca Kate Photography.

My name is Becca and my photography business has brought me great joy for the past five years. I have been practicing and studying photography for the last 10 years, but made the full time leap in 2017 after having my first little guy and deciding the corporate world wasn’t for me! Motherhood has solidified my love for photography and capturing seasons that are so quickly fleeting.

I believe in whimsy, and that photos can capture emotions and love that words can’t quite do justice. I strive to capture images that will make you grin even if you don’t know the people in them. I think the best photos come naturally and my job is complete when I catch the beauty of the everyday. To me photography is a true art. I’m a people centered photographer, whose main goal is to create images that display what my clients feel. Whether it’s your wedding day, engagement session, or family photos, I will do my best to capture the beauty and genuine joy that your day holds.

I’m honored every time I get the chance to use my passion for photography to freeze frame moments in my clients life that will be passed down for generations. Kids get older, Grandparents pass away, but your wedding and family photos will stay as cherished heirlooms to remind you of all the sweet life seasons that you have walked through with those you love most. While I’m thankful for technology, I believe photos are meant to be printed. My work is done when I have helped you create a finished print product that you can hold and admire daily. I will walk alongside you in the printing process, and make sure you get a finished product you will love for generations. I love meeting new people and getting to tell their story through my photography!

Things I love