Barron Harris is 2

How is it possible that you are already 2?! And how did year 2 go so much faster then year 1?! I feel like I blinked and I have a big boy who is trying to talk, open all my cabinets, and eat all the popsicles!

If I could describe this year with you Bear in a word I think it would be PERSONALITY. Man this year your personality has shown through. You are a hoot. From your dance moves, to your closed eye bird mouth feeding habits, to your temper tantrums, you do not lack for personality. I feel like year one was so new and intense but this year we have gotten to enjoy your silliness, sweetness, and FUNNY personality fully. You keep me on my toes.

Somethings have not changed. You still LOVE your crib and sleep. Praise the Lord. Your lovies (little lambs) and paci are your most prized possessions followed closely by any toy tractor or lego. You still love a routine. Every morning you start with a glass of milk and you know when you get your milk you have to hand over paci and lovie. It cracks Dad and I up because it’s like clock work, and even if we don’t ask, you just hand them over. Currently you love to sing wheels on the bus, and while your talking and language has exploded over the last two weeks, you never let your lack of word slow you down. You would point, pull, make hand motions, until we figured out what it was you were after.

You are still huge for your age and every week someone comments on your size. I don’t know if you will be 6’5, but you haven’t stopped loving food or growing. You love all fruit and cheese but freeze pops are on the top of your list. We laugh because I’m pretty sure you already outweigh AG.

One of the most fun things to watch this year has been you coming to love your family, especially your cousins. Auntie Al and I can’t let you and Rayne see each other before preschool or you guys pitch a fit to be in the same class. Cousins of Thunder. I pray that you and Rayne always love each other and sharpen each other for the Lord (with a few bites and pushes thrown in for good measure!). AnnaGrace is the boss and teacher, Rayne is often the peacemaker, and you B are the defender and sometimes the fighter- haha. You love your cousins and they are such a gift to us! You have no clue that you are getting a brother in December, and when we ask “where is the baby” you either point to your own stomach, dads, or on a good day- mine. I CANNOT wait to see you love your brother. It’s going to be an adjustment (for all of us!), but I know that having another built in best buddy (and wrestling partner) will be such a gift in a few years!

Bear you are so fearless. This is sometimes hard for your momma, but I know it can be a good thing too. I have to watch you like a hawk because you will literally jump off the dock at the lake, belly flop off of the couch, or climb to the very top of a ladder with no fear. A true boy and explorer. You LOVE the water. We start swim lessons soon and I’m excited to see you thrive in something you enjoy.

I hope I always feel like this, but every season seems to get sweeter with you B. More challenging in some ways, but 100% sweeter. This year I have seen how uniquely and perfectly the Lord made you to be exactly- YOU. My tender hearted, fearless, joy filled, boy who makes me laugh and smile every. single. day. There aren’t words for how I love you, and my biggest comfort in all of the world is that God loves you even more then I do! I want the world for you B, but really I just want you to know Jesus, because that’s where all the true joy and riches I have found come from. You are a gift and I pray that you know how deeply you are loved on your 2nd birthday and always (Ephesians 3:14-21).


Your momma

*also a big shout out to all of our friends and family who love Bear so well! It truly takes a village! We love y’all!