Maggie and Claire’s Newborn Sessions

I cry at most weddings, but y’all I really cry looking back over newborn session photos. I have issues (most of y’all already knew that haha), but really the preciousness of newborns just gets me. Perfect new little life given directly from our perfect heavenly Father! Recently I have had unbelievably sweet newborn sessions, and I wanted to share two of them on blog today! Best part, I have another newborn session this week! Loving all these sweet little ones!







Mother’s Dress Makeover Shoot

These are some of my favorite photos I have ever taken. Capturing an old friend in her mothers beautiful wedding dress in a perfectly styled and planned shoot just doesn’t get much better.  Below are all the vendors that made this shoot possible. Y’all I was blown away by everything about this shoot. From the impeccable planning, the absolutely perfect vintage hair and makeup, to the UNBELIEVEABLE florals, it was WAY more then I ever imagined. These vendors below are truly incredible!

Planning/ Styling: A Touch of Southern

Floral Arrangements: Flora

Venue: The Homeplace

Hairstylist: Dry/Style by Madeline

Make Up artist: Make Up by Erin Alice

Rentals (furniture, chandelier, etc.) : Eventful NC

Brides Maids Dresses (y’all this is such a cool idea to buy your bridesmaids dresses from a boutique and WAY cheaper! Wish I had done this! And Simply Oak Boutique will work with you to special order) : Simply Oak Boutique

Cake Designer: Bake Me Happy

Calligraphy/ Invites: The Keen Bee

Models: Samantha and Ryan Lambeth (Ryan deserves an award for being such a trooper and model!) , Aimee Hill, Kayla Lib.



For a little back-story on how this shoot came to be and what it taught me:

She text me to ask how much a portrait session would cost of her in her mother’s vintage wedding dress:  “I just wish I had thought it was cool when I got married. It would have meant so much to my mom, and I LOVE her dress!” She sent me a picture of the dress and I knew that this deserved more then an outdoor portrait session with a pretty old dress and sentimental photos that told the story of generations. It deserved to be made beautiful, celebrated, and to serve as a reminder that in age there is unique character, charm, beauty, and love that can never be replicated.

So often when we get engaged and married we get carried away with all the new fads that our wedding season brings. Whether it’s the mason jars and rustic wood, or the array of color bridesmaids dresses, it’s fun to have fresh new trends and ideas implemented into our wedding day. But this winter styled shoot gives nod to the beauty of yesterday. Our goal was to help brides see that sometimes the most beautiful and treasured parts of their wedding will be things that are already sitting right in front of them. Their grandma’s colored glassware, their aunt’s old brass candlesticks, a mother in laws veil, or maybe even their mom’s long sleeve lace wedding dress. When you look back 20 years from now at photos from your wedding day, what do you want to remember?

We hope these images spark a realization that it’s not “out with the old and in with the new”, but it’s a bit of new sparkle mixed with a bit of old lace makes for the very prettiest taste! Enjoy our “Mother’s Dress Makeover Rustic Styled Winter Shoot” shot using both the vintage medium of film and the modern convenience of digital photography!










2017 Family Sessions

Looking back over 2017 I was BLOWN AWAY by all the beautiful families that I had the privilege of capturing with my camera! Whether a Christmas mini, in the snow, or a fall family session, taking pictures of these families has brought me such joy! I love the unique interactions, emotion, and smiles of each family. This year I have learned how to act like a goon to get a smile, that animal noises get babies to look at the camera, and that sometimes the best photos are just of kiddo’s being themselves. I hope you enjoy my first (of multiple) post of my 2017 families, and a BIG thank you to all of these families for trusting me to photograph this season in your families lives. I’m so thankful for you all!

JohnsonFamily(8of182) (1)JohnsonFamily(24of182)JohnsonFamily(59of182)










Kate and James Engagements

As I sat at the coffee shop and edited Kate and James engagement session, I couldn’t help but smile. Smile and laugh. Looking at these photos brought about strong emotion in me and that’s how I know they are quality portraits. The love between Kate and James is tangible in these photos and you can’t be around these two without feeling their love! Dancing, kissing, laughing, you will see it all in these photos; And the best part is that it’s just Kate and James goofing around being themselves. To say I’m excited for their October wedding is an understatement! These two are easy to celebrate and a joy to photograph! I know their wedding will be one for the books! Congratulations Kate and James, you two have something special!





Rachel and Josh’s Oakhaven Wedding

What is more fun then a New Year’s Eve Wedding?! There are many things that I remember about this sweet day but the three things that really stick out are : it was absolutely FREEZING COLD, the wedding party and especially the bride were such troopers and didn’t complain once at the cold weather and outside photos, and most importantly Rachel and Josh were so in love and make such a great pair. Everything about the day was a joy and I’m a huge fan of New Year’s Eve weddings! Celebration and fun all around! Congratulations Rachel and Josh. You guys were clearly made for each other and I’m grateful that we got to be a part of y’alls day and capture these memories! Here a few favorites from their wedding at Oakhaven Farm in Pelham, NC.

Venue: Oakhaven Farm

Planner/ Director: The Perfect Bride’s Maid Events







Miah’s Senior Portraits

I love senior portrait sessions! I can still remember being a senior in high school and having my portraits taken! It’s such an exciting time for seniors to celebrate almost completing high school and moving on to a new season of life. Miss Miah’s senior portrait session was so much fun! We started at Page (her high school) and ended up at a few of my favorite portrait spots in Browns Summit. Miah is effortlessly beautiful and I can’t wait to see where the future takes her!

If you have a senior in your life, are you are a junior or senior in high school, college, etc. please contact me for more info. about your senior portrait session. The spring is the perfect time for these sessions and if you book within the month of January (session can be booked for the Spring or Summer), I will get you a 10% discount on the price! E-mail me today for more info ( ).




Christmas Thoughts


I sat in the Drs. Office for the 3rd time in 3 months. Another sinus infection. A sure referral to the ENT. Another round of antibiotics. Great. Trying to make small talk and not think about my non-working sinuses I asked the nurse “so are you ready for Christmas?” “Just SO ready for it be over” – she responded with a sigh. The answer kinda jolted me. Not the typical “yes almost done with my shopping, “ or “yes just need to cook a little more”. She answered how she really felt and it stopped me. First I was really sad. Why was she ready for it to be over? Wasn’t Christmas supposed to be happy, joyful, the celebration of Jesus’s birth? But then another part of me got it. I had already cried twice today. Mainly over a non-finished house renovation and aching sinuses, but also over short words, stress, and just a lack of joy. I was missing it and so was this sweet nurse. Just ready to get this crazy season over with. Goodbye Christmas, back to normal life.

As I left the doctors office I sat in my car and cried (again), praying that the Lord wouldn’t let me miss Christmas. Wouldn’t let me miss it amidst sinus infections, messy houses, presents, cooking and an insanely busy schedule. The God of the world was made incarnate; He came in flesh, and THIS IS CHRISTMAS! My God, My King, My Maker, was born and lived a perfect life, dying a horrible death so that all my sins would be taken away, and on Christmas I get to celebrate His coming! What am I doing?! I’m looking at things here. At the hard, good, sad, things right in front of me (that are all very real and present) and I’m not sitting with my Maker (be still and know that I am God. – Psalm 46:10). He is alive, Eternal, not changing, a Good God who knows and loves each one of us (His Children) so personally. When I stop and think of what I am really celebrating at Christmas I can’t help but have peace. Not peace that this world gives (that I got everyone the right Christmas present, or my house will one day be finished), but peace that this stuff down here is temporary and celebrating the birth of King Jesus–that lasts into eternity. I don’t know where you stand this Christmas — ready for tomorrow or just wishing it all away—but I do know that tomorrow we get to celebrate the birth of the One True King of the World and I’m praying and confessing friends that though this earthly life is tough and tiring, I will celebrate with JOY tomorrow! Our King has come, we are FREE from Sin, perfect Love is here!


Joy to the world, the Lord has Come!

Let earth receive her King.

Let every heart, prepare Him room

And Heaven and Nature Sing

And Heaven and Nature Sing

Anddd Heaven and Nature Sing!!!