Newborn Photography

Over the last year I have shot countless newborn sessions. This may seem normal to you- “Becca you are a photographer, duh you have shot newborn portrait sessions a lot!” , but let me start off by saying I used to strongly dislike newborn portraits. Why? Because they are hard! Unpredictable. Tiring. A little stressful. All the things.

But then I just kept getting booked for newborns, so I decided to embrace it. I got new props. I worked on my baby calming ability. And I prayed that I would grow to see the beauty and joy in newborn sessions.

I’m writing to tell you today I LOVE NEWBORN SESSIONS! I really really love them. They are so special to me now. When else in my life do I get to go to someones house, hold their baby, talk to them, and capture their most precious and new possession?! Newborn sessions to me are a gift. I am honored every time someone ask me to capture their little one and I know as a momma what a treasure these photos will hold.

So all you new mommas, soon to be mommas, gonna be mommas at some point, I want to be your newborn photographer! I want to come in your home and capture moments that will quickly pass away. I want to hold and photograph your littlest and most precious treasure. And I want to help you in anyway I can, because OH HOW I REMEMBER THOSE FIRST FEW WEEKS OF NEW MOM LIFE! (text me with your Chickfila order, seriously!). Thankful to get to capture all of these sweet babies and families and here to say I’m proud, joyful, and truly excited to be a newborn photographer! Below are small samples of two recent newborn sessions!

The Barnett Family:BarnettNewborn2018(10of89)BarnettNewborn2018(8of89)BarnettNewborn2018(14of89)BarnettNewborn2018(2of89)


Hopkins Newborn Session:HopkinsNewborn(96of190)HopkinsNewborn(77of190)HopkinsNewborn(50of190)HopkinsNewborn(87of190)HopkinsNewborn(21of190)HopkinsNewborn(23of190)